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Load Boards for each Community

Load boards from RTF are designed to be easy to use and to help significantly improve the efficiency of your freight transportation management. Each load board is continuously refreshed to reflect new and updated status information on each load. The robust and powerful load boards offer a closed-loop approach to securing and managing freight transportation, and have won "Top Technology" awards from popular industry publications like Supply Chain & Demand Executive and Food Logistics.

Serving both sides of the freight transportation exchange, Real Time Freight has established two strong communities of the highest-quality shippers and carriers in the industry. Each use their version of the RTF load board to streamline communication, more effectively manage their operations, and increase profits.

Direct Shippers

Real Time Freight first developed private boards for the demanding produce industry, providing companies with their own system for efficient and effective management of freight transportation. Each shipper included their network of existing carrier companies, and achieved a streamlined method of communicating their loads with all carriers at once. The carriers had their own load board to be able to see the loads as they were posted, allowing them to quickly communicate that they had available trucks to haul the freight. From there, more and more loads were being posted, and there became a need to post the overflow freight for outside carriers to see and secure.

Freight Carriers

Load boards for carriers were originally designed for the private shipper networks that the carriers belonged to. They would be able to see the full shipping details of the available loads as they were being posted. They could then quickly and efficiently secure the loads by communicating with the shipper through the same online system that they received the load details from.

Always looking to keep their trucks full and moving, Real Time Freight offered carriers the ability to see all overflow freight that was posted by the shippers. The ability to secure loads directly from shippers was of great value to these carriers, and the beginning of the carrier community was formed. Today, Real Time Freight has over 12,000 qualified carriers that are searching for loads in their area.

And knowing that there is an extensive carrier community that is searching for freight to haul has enabled Real Time Freight to continue to expand the shipper community, providing any company with a potential need to find outside carriers a chance to get market value for their loads by having multiple carriers submit offers.

Currently, Real Time Freight has a shipper community of over 1000 companies from a diverse variety of markets.

Freight Transportation for any Market

From lettuce to lumber, and from metals to meat, the loads posted on Real Time Freight’s load boards cover all commodities from all over the United States and Canada. At any given time, there are hundreds of loads for reefer trailers, for dry vans, or for flatbeds and other truck trailer types. Real Time Freight load boards make it very easy to search for specific loads, and also feature filter options on the board itself to help narrow the results to match certain truck criteria.    
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