What is Real Time Freight?

Transportation management technology designed to automate your logistics while leveraging data to define and grow your business.

Introducing Real Time Freight, the only scalable TMS provider that’s 100% cloud-based, powered by Truckstop.com. Real Time Freight helps brokers and shippers with freight execution, internal and external transparency, business automation, and data-fueled decision-making.


Our Company

Founded in 2003, Real Time Freight is a pioneer and proven leader in providing freight transportation technology. In 2013, Real Time Freight joined Internet Truckstop Group (ITG), a family of brands providing end-to-end solutions throughout the freight execution lifecycle, including: freight matching, telematics and fleet management, bonding and insurance, factoring, and more.


Our Mission

Our mission is to unite transportation professionals to grow and streamline their business through the use of technology. RTF achieves its mission by offering an automated transportation management system (TMS) delivered in the cloud, on a secure platform.


Our Technology

A SaaS-based solution, Real Time Freight facilitates collaboration and fosters transparency and visibility. We are a 2nd generation web-based community designed to bridge the divide between transportation professionals. Our aim is to eliminate information silos and provide a closed loop cooperative and centralized customer network.