Real Time Freight TMS

Covering the entire lifecycle of your freight.

RTF’s transportation management system provides answers to logistics opportunities that go beyond just capacity. Our TMS helps your business with rate benchmarking and capacity sourcing, integration, business intelligence and accounting, track and trace tools, carrier management, and partner and customer communication.


Rates and Capacity

Owned by Truckstop.com, the web’s largest load board, our TMS helps find transportation partners, benchmark your rates, and easily onboard and manage your carriers.

  • Benchmark your rates with paid market data from over 300,000 daily loads
  • View historical and current market trends to guide your pricing
  • Compare your contracted rates to the market
  • Directly source qualified capacity from over 1 million power units
  • Paperless carrier onboarding in seven minutes or less
  • Automatically monitor your carrier’s insurance, authority, and more.

Integration Services

Create a custom data transfer solution, integrate other platforms into your TMS, and eliminate the need for manual data entry.

  • Automatically create, optimize, and transfer load data
  • Overcome any current limitations in your data system
  • Integrate with TMS, WMS, ERP, EDI, or other proprietary systems

Business Intelligence & Accounting

Access business intelligence tools, track outstanding invoices and payments, and send customers or vendors invoices automatically when a milestone is completed.

  • Visualize your data and customize your dashboards
  • Receive daily reports on finances, carriers, and your supply chain
  • Track outstanding invoices and payments
  • Automatically send invoices when completing an order

Track & Trace

Track your supply chain with regular GPS pings and KPI reports delivered to your inbox, integrate with Truckstop.com’s ELD, mobile solutions, or your own logging device.

  • Utilize mobile tracking and ELD integrated solutions (including MacroPoint)
  • Coordinate mapping and miles via PC Miler
  • Upload and share documents with your fleet or transportation partners
  • View Proof of Delivery, signed BOL, weight tickets, toll receipts, and more

Carrier Management

Stay up-to-date on carrier ratings, reduce your risk with personalized guidelines, and manage only the freight that needs attention.

  • Protect loads in real time, with alerts about underperforming carriers
  • Comprehensive core management, with authorized user controls
  • Monitor your transportation partners without the paper or the hassle
  • Guard your freight with Truckstop.com’s bonding and insurance solutions


Enable customers, transportation partners, and vendors to gain visibility into your supply chain solutions.

  • Seamlessly communicate to your core carriers and customers via alert or email
  • Manage all partner communications, documents, and attachments
  • Fully integrate with your current distribution and routing lists/guides
  • Create role-based portals for anyone at any time