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USD per month
Best value for most shippers/brokers/3pls.

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Per Load Pricing
USD per month
Shippers/brokers/3pls just beginning to streamline and automate, and who do less than 50 shipments per month.

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Unlimited Loads


One-Time Setup Fee Based on Account

One-Time Setup Fee Based on Account

Truckstop.com Integration

Current Truckstop.com Pro Subscription or Starting at $105/mo.

Features included with ALL packages

Capacity Solutions
  • Private & Public Load Boards
  • Capacity Sourcing
  • RFP Hosting
  • Carrier Onboarding
  • Carrier Qualification Management
  • Backhaul Solutions
  • Carrier Master Record
  • Freight Sourcing, Public and Direct Freight
  • Truckstop Mobile
  • Free Tracking with PRO
  • Rate Analysis
  • Real-time Track & Trace
  • Track and Trace Integrations
  • PC Miler Integration
  • Carrier Ratings and Performance Reporting
  • Business Intelligence and Advanced Reporting
Paperless Master System
  • Customer Order Entry, Visibility, and Shipment Management Portal
  • Carrier Loadboard, Invoicing, and Tools Portal
  • ePaperwork & Document Management
  • Accounts Receivable and Invoicing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Agent Commissions
  • Negotiations
Automation & Truckstop Quality
  • Dynamic Distribution
  • Electronic Rate Confirmation
  • Advanced & Custom Auto-Tendering
  • LoadPay, CargoShield, Load Tracking
  • Dedicated Implementation
  • Live Customer Support
  • Shared Data Analytics
  • Real-Time Truckstop.com Integration

Unlimited RTF Users

Unlimited RTF Users

Custom Carrier Contract: Free

Custom Carrier Contract: $999

6 month subscription and then month to month

No Hidden Costs!

Frequent Questions

What is Included?

“Everything literally means everything is included in all packages—including all of our powerful modules still in development.
All of the features listed above, a total of 37 modules, provide the end-to-end single master system for your whole business and all your communications with partners, customers, carriers, and other departments or agent offices.
From now on, every feature we release will be included for all customers, for free. Keep an eye on our release blog for new features as they are released.
The only time you’ll have additional costs is when using other third party tools. Here is the breakdown of those types of tools:

  • PC Miler, Bing/Google Maps – free and included in your subscription, no charge from them!
  • Truckstop Mobile and load tracking with 100 free tracks for PRO subscribers, FleetMatics, Peoplenet
  • LoadPay simplified load payments built in – no fee from us, make 2% per load, no cost for LoadPay account, carriers give 2.99% for next-day payment and save over factoring
  • CargoShield integrated cargo coverage – $12 per load CargoShield charge only on loads you select to cover. TL up to $100,000 and LTL up to $50,000″

But can it do…?

Our mission is to improve the efficiency, communication, and visibility of your entire business. We aim to help you automate and gain control of as much of your business as possible so you can focus on growing and keeping costs low. The above is just a short summary of what RTF can do. If you don’t see mention of a feature you need, Contact Sales to ask about it. We’re happy to help!

All Features Now Included

Tired of never having the features you need unless you upgrade? Now all TMS packages include all features and modules!

With access to Truckstop.com’s powerful suite of tools and data, you’ll have an innovative and complete business tool set rivaling the big guys—no matter what you pay.

No Hidden Costs

If you’ve looked at TMS options, you’re probably sick of discovering additional costs. The below prices are all-inclusive—all the fees you’ll pay.

  • No “premium” modules or add-ons
  • No other fees for usage or tools
  • No fees (from us) for existing integrations like MacroPoint, QuickBooks, and more